LUXIAOJUN Weightlifting and Cross-Training barbells are designed and approved by Olympic weightlifting champions and elite CrossFitters. All weightlifting barbells are made together with LU himself. 

The E1 Training Bar is a new star of LUXIAOJUN barbell universe. It features excellent quality at a very competitive price. It is widely liked by weightlifters, CFers and powerlifters.

The LUXIAOJUN Mastery Training Bar is the advanced version of E1 Training Bar. It has QPQ coating on sleeves to resist to corrosion. The knurl is optimized for advanced-level training. It's used for cross-training or weightlifting. Squat or deadlift with Mastery Training Bar is commonly practiced. 

The LUXIAOJUN Mastery Stainless Power Bar has been reviewed by many professionals, it's knurl is especially appreciated by our users. Stainless bars are often expensive, but particularly durable in humid environment of use. 

The E1 Power Bar is also a good choice for powerlifting bar. Budget-friendly, it is highly rated because of its unbeatable price and elite-level quality.

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