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About me

I'm LU Xiaojun, I come from an average farmer's family in China. When I was 8 years old, a sport school coach saw me participating in a 100 m race. He believes that I can be professional weightlifter, then he suggested me and my family to convert to weightlifting. To get my diploma of bachelor while I was not so good in study, I began my training as a full-time weightlifter. Since then, it's been 28 years. Now I've participated in 7 World Championships, I won 1 Olympic gold medal and 1 silver, 5 world champion titles and many national champions. 
Weightlifting is my passion, I enjoy the feeling when I'm on the stage. So I continue to compete despite of my age. 

In 2008, I was about to retire due to injury, but Coach YU brought me to the National Team, then I started my career as an international elite weightlifter. 

My coach was against that 3rd attempt, but I insisted. Weightlifting is like my family, I cannot say No to it. I really don't want to decline any attempt, so even with injury, I want to perform correctly my every attempt. Why I pushed my limits so hard? Because this may be one of my last attempts, it's hard to say goodbye, but if I have to, I'd like to give my best to all these people who love me around the world.

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In 2017, when LU attended to a weightlifting kid instruction camp as Olympic champion and genius example, he noticed that these children need really better equipment. Not only child, but also youngsters, adult athletes in provincial teams. From then, LU had an idea of making weightlifting equipment in China for professional and amateur weightlifters.
However, this idea was not developed since training was very hard and LU was not familiar with manufacturing industry. Couple of months later, a guest from South of China came to National Training Base one day and presented his factory as a professional weightlifting equipment manufacturer. LU was soon attracted by the professionalism and diligence of this young businessman. He was obsessed of making perfect barbells, so he just asked LU about which barbell elite weightlifters mostly like. LU was inspired of this meeting, because he realized that professional weightlifters have incomparable know-how about equipment. The project of creating his own brand was then launched.
As barbells and weightlifting equipment are often made in China, and this immense country has a large poll of weightlifting talents, the product conception and manufacturing should be able to profit from these unique resources. In consequence, it did not take long time to find out all elements necessary to make elite barbells, and LU together with his teammates and other professional lifters contributed much to design and make tuning. LUXIAOJUNBARBELL is founded as a company focusing on weightlifting, CrossFit and general strength training equipment production. LU began wearing products of his brand, adjusting for the functionality improvements. In 2019, LUXIAOJUNBARBELL is on its way of international development. Together with LU's supporters all over the world, LUXIAOJUNBARBELL hope to provide every trainer the equipment with Champions' warm.

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