LYU Xiaojun’s Declaration

Ihave received ITA’s email dated 20 December 2022, notifying me of the Adverse Analytical Finding of Non-Specified Substance detected in my sample. I was greatly shocked. As a senior athlete, I have always strictly abided by the anti-doping policies and regulations of International Weightlifting Federation, World Anti-Doping Agency and CHINA Anti-Doping Agency. I believe that the value of sports lies in fair play and I resolutely oppose the use of any prohibited substance or prohibited method and any other kind of cheating, which is also the bottom line I have always set for myself. The use of prohibited substance or prohibited method is completely against my values, and goes against the anti-doping education I have received.

In my 24 years of weightlifting career, I have competed in numerous major events and have been tested hundreds of times, without any ADRV. Since my return from retirement in August 2022, I have received a total of 8 doping control tests in just four months. I love weightlifting very much, and as a lifter, I have won all results clean. I have neither any motive nor any reason to use any prohibited substance or prohibited method in the final phase of my beloved weightlifting career. I will cooperate with related organizations for investigation, to find out the real cause of this issue, and to prove my innocence.