Plates & Bumpers

LUXIAOJUN Plates & Bumpers collection features rubber-made Black Training Plates , E1 Bumper Plates, Competition Plates in both KG and LB version, and urethane-made plates such as Urethane KG and LB Plates. 

These Plates can be used for weightlifting and powerlifting training, cross-training, or general strength training.

The HANSU Steel Plates are calibrated powerlifting plates and have high weight precision. They are new-brand plates but get very good review from powerlifters across the world.

The E1 Bumper Plates are the " Star" of LUXIAOJUN plates universe, they are the best for their price range. We recommend E1 Bumper Plates for weightlifting and cross-training. 

The Black Training Plates have LB and KG versions, they are commonly used in weightlifting training, but also by CFers. They are made in high-quaility rubbers. 

The Competition Plates are made for high-level training or competition use, they have competition-level weight deviation.

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